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​Can be awarded to a registered Tiger Cub, Cub Scout of the Wolf Rank or Bear Rank in the Boy Scouts of America, or Brownies in the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.,Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade. Must also be a communicant member of an Orthodox Christian Church recognized by the Assembly of Bishops.



​Can be awarded to any Orthodox Christian boy or girl who is registered as a Cub Scout, Girl Scout Junior, or in a Camp Fire program Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls may earn the Chi-Rho emblem. The recipient must be in the fourth or fifth grade and must attend church school or other formal religious instruction program. Priests are encouraged to adapt these requirements for use with special needs or handicapped youth members of these Scouting movement.


Participants must be a communicant member of an Orthodox Christian Church recognized by the Assembly of Bishops. A student in the sixth through twelfth grade. And a registered Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Explorer, Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls or Camp Fire member.


​The Prophet Elias recognition is for both:
1. Actively registered adult lay volunteers for at least 8 years who serve young people in one or more of the following national youth agencies: Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls, whether sponsored by Eastern Orthodox Church or another sponsoring group, and
2. Adult members of other religious bodies who are active registered leaders for at least 8 years of one of the three national youth agencies who are performing an exceptional service to Eastern Orthodox young people.

How do I earn a religious award?
  • You or your scoutmaster download the Award Book from this web site.

  • You work on the booklet along with your parish priest or spiritual adviser.

  • When completed, the priest or spiritual adviser signs the form in the booklet and you must return it to P.R.A.Y. for the medal & certificate.
    or you may order the medal online at:


How is the award presented?
  • It is recommended that the award be presented twice, once at the unit level and also at the end of a Sunday Church service along with a scout leader to emphasize that scouting is a viable part of our Orthodox Youth Ministry.


The Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting supports our youth through a extensive Religious Award program.  We have designed the Religious Awards Program around a scout’s spiritual life. It gives the scout a chance to work closely with their spiritual Father to earn their award.
The unique bond formed at this age is a stepping stone for the rest of their spiritual life.

Religious Awards

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